The Barnyard

RJ Rocketeer Advanced

July 23rd, 2008

It's finished! After Valve screwed up with the Low FPS Bug and the map not finished, it severly hindered progress as I was playing between 20-30fps. Thanks Valve! Map is finished, geared toward more experienced players. Some of the jumps near the end will probably seem a bit easier than some in the middle. That's due to me not being able to fully test the jumps with the bug and instead of leaving them impossible, tried nerfing them so they were acceptable. Want to thank my boys Wonderwall and {TF2F}Unnownd for helping in testing and pitching ideas with the map.

Now that it's finished I am looking forward to finishing SoTF! Then I'll probably be gone for a long time as I'll be taking online courses full time while having a full time job, so yeah I'll be ghost. Anyways, have fun. Any questions feel free to hit me up and I'll try to help.